What temperatures does an induction cooker have?

Many are confused, because in addition to the graduated division at the induction cooker there is often a temperature distribution. What this is all about and what function has the temperature control, you will learn in this post.

Temperature setting function

For some induction cookers, you can not only select the stage, but also preset a temperature. If, for example, 80 ° C is set, the induction hob automatically controls the heat output of the set stage so that the food always remains at approximately 80 ° C, does not exceed the temperature and is not far below. This is useful if you want to simmer or simmer for a long time.

Tips & TricksIf your induction cooker does not have a separate temperature control, you can easily use the controls as you would with the ordinary cooker: highest level for cooking, then turn it down. The maximum temperature, which is usually allowed, is around 150 ° C, above that the stove will shut down automatically.
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