How to plaster a prefabricated house correctly?

Not only visually effective

Especially the interior plaster should be of high quality - after all, it releases vapors just at the beginning. With inferior plaster, the chance to inhale harmful substances, of course, greater than high-quality varieties.

Can I plaster myself?

Basically, you do not need special craftsmanship to apply a new plaster, especially in the interior. You should only pay attention to a clean work, especially in terms of covering other surfaces.

In principle, the plastering of the exterior facade is not very different. Only here you should put special emphasis on safety. Before you start plastering, be sure to remove dirt and debris. Even loose spots should be removed; Afterwards, you will have an overview of faulty areas that need to be repaired.

In any case, you will save money with your own work, because the hourly wages of special companies or companies are usually high.

First renovate, then plaster

Check before the new plaster, whether your facade is in need of renovation or has only visual blemishes. In the first case, the new plaster brings nothing, because the actual problem is literally painted over.

Tips & Tricks Let friends or acquaintances help you when plastering yourself. Such a whole facade is already a decent job.

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