Locking the door - causes and remedial measures

When the door lock gets stuck, good advice is often expensive in the truest sense of the word. Gladly the mishap happens on the weekend or late at night. Locksmiths can pay well for their emergency calls and a drill or graphite powder is rarely at hand.

Possible causes

There are different ways in which a door lock jams. In addition to the complete blocking of the rotation ability, a partial clamping may also be present. The reasons are manifold and do not always have to permanently lock the door lock.

  • Humid, cold or particularly warm weather forgives the door. The locking bolt begins to loosen and creates the feeling that the door lock is jammed.
  • Previously used oil has smeared the interior of the door lock and bound dirt particles. The key can no longer penetrate completely.
  • A hitherto stiff door lock finally gets stuck by a millimeter-small movement.
  • The key is bent and tilted during the rotation despite successful penetration.
  • The key is dirty when copying and does not fit into the lock cylinder with sufficient accuracy.
  • A spring has broken off in the door lock and the closing movement is no longer transferred to the locking pin.

Try with feeling several times

Frequently, trying a few times with "feeling" helps. Again and again different movements and pressure forces can be used. An While unlocking, pull the door on the knob and press into the frame. Leicht Lift the door slightly during the closing process.

  • Wipe the key after removing it or warm it with a lighter. Eventuell If necessary, bend the key straight and carefully. Aus Apply light blows to the door leaf and lock to loosen or loosen any possible jamming.
  • Tools
  • Several lubricants can be used to restore the door lock, provided there is no spring break.
  • Silicone spray (12,07 € at Amazon), as it is used for table football tables.
  • Graphite powder (6.90 € on Amazon), which is available in every hardware store.

Paraffin oil (8.69 € at Amazon), which is also offered in drugstores.

WD40 (6,29 € at Amazon) or Caramba Spray, an aggressive rust and dirt remover.

  • Deicing spray (5.65 € on Amazon) for car locks can also help.
  • Tips & TricksTo make a jammed door lock popular, you should never use oil, be it salad or lube oil. It locks the lock cylinder and also binds dust to dirt slimes. Other perishable grease such as Vaseline is unsuitable.
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